Christy Ann has been an innovator in the Cosmetics Industry for 15 years. After working for some of the most prestigious Cosmetics brands in NYC  she ventured out and started her own company in 2010. Christy Ann Cosmetics caters to Brides, models, and everyday clients. Often times when Christy Ann and her team of makeup professionals were offering their services clients would ask them to apply a lesser quality mink lash with a thick band that was heavy on the clients eyes and made them extremely uncomfortable and difficult to apply. Christy Ann was determined to create the perfect lash which combined comfort and ease of application and that when Lash Glam was born. Christy Ann saw the importance of offering 3D Bandless Mink Lashes for those times where models, brides, and/or clients were being photographed close up.

We’ve been told by many photographers that the seamless application of Lash Glam saves them time in post production. We love knowing that we are creating ease within everyone’s busy lifestyle. The makeup artist, the photographer, and the everyday client.  Christy Ann has been awarded as the top professional in the Cosmetics Industry by the International Association of Top Professionals. Christy Ann has also been seen on CBS, ABC, and CNN.